The Limitations of You Tube In Education

youngatheart_200801251540 The scenario is always the same:  I am inspired by a story, idea, video and find what I'm looking for on You Tube.  In this last instance, I was very excited to be able to share the video with my students so we can start a class-based discussion about it.  I won't be doing that, though. 

I won't be showing the video in class (from its You Tube site) because, while the subject matter is G-Rated, the comments are not.  It seems that there's always one commenter who insists on using f!@# in his posts.  I know the video can be embedded in a blog or on a web page but that's not the point. 

Yes, there's Teacher Tube but it's limited.  Much of the material I find on You Tube is not there.  In this case, with a little more searching, I found what I was looking for at Apple (an inspiring tale of an octogenarian chorus that sings rock and roll.)

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