Putting "Web 2.0 in Education" in Context

Digital Natives. Digital Immigrants. Web 2.0. Rss Feeds. Blogs. Wikis. Podcasts. Digital Learning. Students as Content Creators. All of these phrases and terms are very new and very green when the whole enterprise of Education (in the U.S.) is taken into account.

Many teachers and students haven't heard of these terms. Some have bit don't know what they mean. Some know a few terms and what they mean but don't know how to use them at least as far as teaching and learning is concerned. This is where the majority of teachers and school leaders are at this point.

It is easy to imagine that the majority of teachers and classrooms have "gone digital" especially when visiting sites such as Classroom 2.0 where many excellent, enthusiastic teachers hang out and share their stories about using Web 2.0 in Education. It's not the reality, though as districts, schools, leaders and teachers worry through the idea of "opening up" the walls of education.  Considerations are under way and that must be counted as progress.


Rarely is the use of Web 2.0 tools in Education put into context in Education.  The exciting truth, however, is that there exists a direct relationship between research and educational evolution and the emergence of digital learning tools. 

IT looks something like this:

Traditional Teaching Methods---->  Student Centered Classroom Models (ie..Cooperative Learning)

---->Standards Based Education---->  Data Driven Instruction  ---->  Differentiated Learning  ---->

New Modes of teaching and learning including the use of Web tools

In the next post, I will examine the specifics of each piece of the puzzle.

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