Creating, Remixing, Streaming and Listening to Music Online

As technology advances and bandwith + wireless expand like so many galaxies, the possibilities for music creation and listening become nearly limitless. Free possibilities abound. Here are some of my recent favorites/recommendations. Have fun with these.

Music Creation: Notation-Based

Music Creation: Loop-Based
One Motion-
drum machine which can be exported as an SWF file.

Music Creation: Web-Based Audio Editing/Hosting
Indaba Music-
Make and manage music at this online community.
by Aviary-Use Myna to remix music tracks and audio clips. Apply sound effects and record your own voice or instruments.

Music Streaming/Listening
Listen to streaming music in a clean, i-tunes-like interface. Create playlists, see photos of artists.
Listen to streaming music at songza.

Last FM-
Search for, Learn about and listen to music by all types of musicians/artists. Doubles as a social networking site.
Music plus reviews, news and features.
This is a great site for discovering music that is not restricted by copyright. It is also organized by musical style and genre in a clear manner. I'm reading: Creating, Remixing, Streaming and Listening to Music Online Tweet this!

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