Reevaluating Twitter

I wrote this about Twitter last Fall:"There isn't possibly enough time to actually digest the information that is being tweeted and re-tweeted. It's like watching Educator's Gone Wild With Tech. I'm grateful for all the links, articles and potential professional development resources but when is it time to power down, read, reflect and synthesize?"

Will Richardson has a new post questioning Twitter's use in Education:
I wonder that if we make 140 characters the main part of the way we communicate with one another without spending some of our time in more extended give and take that we will be losing something important in the process.
Dean Shareski was asking similar questions over a year ago.

I believe Twitter is a good brainstorming tool- a place to get ideas on the table and start a conversation. It's also an OK place to gather targeted information (using the search feature). Unfortunately, Twitter seems to be an addiction by some in the Education community. The focus has become quantitative rather than qualitative. The sum of a bunch of people in a room speaking at the same time is noise.

It's like Collective Monkey Mind. I'm reading: Reevaluating Twitter Tweet this!