Will The iPad Change Education?

iPad mania has begun. On Saturday, April 3rd the first generation WI-FI only iPAd went on sale. There were reports of people waiting in line for over 28 hours to get their hands on one. The iPad has been touted as the device that will be the end of laptop computers; ushering in a new direction in computing and living connected lives.

Last year the buzz was around the Kindle DX whose size made it more "textbook friendly". Many reports indicated that this was the new direction for textbook publishers. The introduction of the iPad makes any size Kindle seem monolithic in comparison. It simply can do so much more. There's already 1000+ Apps already. That number will grow quickly and will include many apps usable in the classroom for learning.

Which makes me wonder. Will the iPad be adopted, adapted and used in classrooms in meaningful ways? If many thought the iTouch could be used readily in the classroom-something I doubted the utility for because of it's miniature size- has the time come for Apple to truly saturate the Education Market. Will the simplicity of the iPAd and all the App Potential seduce even the most Luddite Teachers among us?

What's your take?
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