Why Should an Administrator Use Twitter?

The Assistant Superintendent of our school district just joined Twitter. Like so many of us when we took the networking plunge, he knows that there are positive ways to use it but is clueless as to how to begin. I wrote him a quick email summarizing some ways to use Twitter but I left so much out. Here's what I wrote:

Using Twitter makes more sense as you use it. What it is good for:

Starting a conversation..then linking to a page/post/info to continue it.
"We've redesigned our professional development page. Take a look and provide feedback using this form:...."

Making announcements:
"Today school is closed. Snow day! Have fun and be careful out there"
"We are seeking a new Superintendent. More info and a job posting is here..."

Sharing resources:
"Just found a wealth of information about 1:1 schools see the list here http://......"
"Great ipad music apps that have potential application in the classroom are listed here http://..."
"To learn more about 21st Century Skills and the 4'c's of 21stc Learning, see this website....."

To support and amplify information already shared by others (Educators, Superintendents, Principals)
"@AmazinglyAwesomeEducator just wrote a thoughtful post about implementing technology in the 3rd grade classroom. Read it here...."

To solicit advice and feedback:
"I am an administrator of a large, rural school district. I have no clue how to use twitter. Help me learn #education"

Please feel free to add your own advice and twitter handles in the comments below. Thank you so much!
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Nica Saurus Rex said...

I am in IT Specialist in two Elementary schools and it took me a while to get on the Twitter bandwagon. It wasn't until I discovered TweetDeck and could follow conversations with ease that I began to understand what a powerful tool twitter is. I use it to stay informed about the latest tech in education. Now if I could just get my administrators to believe...