Dear Post-Conference Self

Dear Post-Conference-Self:

A few days (weeks, months) ago, you were at the (Massachusetts Music Educator's Professional Development) Conference.  You were energized, psyched, stoked, jacked!  You came in contact with inspirational people, ideas, students and programs which you thought at the time you would like to emulate in some way.  You were full of hope and renewed vigor and a revived sense of purpose.

In his talk, Dr. Gordon reminded you of the deep, enduring value of music to humans.  He also reminded you that if you want music to endure in schools, that is critically important to teach well.  Mr. Butera cautioned that you should be proactive in your support for music in schools.  He reminded you that, unfortunately, not everyone who runs schools has music education as a priority.  

The many sessions you attended provided concrete examples of HOW to teach well.  You took notes and you jotted down sites that could serve as resources for you.  You planted the seeds of change and transformation in the sessions.  You vowed in those moments- in those sessions- that you would teach different next week.  You vowed to review all this stuff when you got home.  You dared yourself to 'be the change you want to see in the world.' 

You did.  So where are the notes?  Do yourself a favor, post-conference self.  Find yourself alone with those notes and reflect on those little, silent promises you made to yourself.  Make a simple list of 5 things you will follow up on and implement them.  You can do it.  You can.  Because you are worth it and because your students deserve this empowered, transformed you.  And so does the profession.  Do it for Music if nothing else.  

And next year?  Lead a session on your Newfound Skills.


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