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"Social Media is the vehicle that will move things. It has changed politics, it has changed business, it has changed the media and IT WILL change education."
Burlington High School Principal's Blog
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"I want children to be allowed to develop their strengths and interests beyond reading and writing. Science, Math, Social Studies, Music, Art, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Civic Studies… these are all essential for children."
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"..We cannot and must not talk about school reform without talking about equality of opportunities for kids outside of K-12 classrooms."
-Educational Insanity

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"If we are all in agreement that we are preparing our students for the world, then we need more creativity in what we are doing and not less."
-Kevin's Meandering Mind
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"Many of our students are checking out mentally, and sometimes even physically, because school has lost it’s relevancy to them. We are one of the few first world countries that still tries to force everyone to fit the college-bound educational mold. Why?!"
-Education 2.0

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"To improve education nationwide, teachers and parents and community leaders must LISTEN to one another, RESPECT and TRUST one another. There's no room for arrogant leadership, paternalism, one-upmanship or power plays if we're going to serve the best interests of all of America's children."

"Reform in education begins with passion. Are you driven by passion?"
A Principal's Reflections
(Twitter: @NMHS_Principal)

"Dear Politicians, Pundits, and Celebrities–

If you want to help, and I’m idealistic enough to believe you do, please get out of the way. We can do this, but not if we’re constantly distracted from our purpose by things that force us to do, less effectively, that which we’re already doing. We can create real change that finally crumbles the bars of social Darwinism, but not if we’re starved out of our schools from lack of funding. We can, as professionals, continue to push each other from behind and pull each other up that mountain of “refinement,” but not if we’re afraid that innovation will lead to punishment, or that adopting today’s curriculum will only mean that we’ll be wrong tomorrow when everything changes again."

"I am convinced that the best ideas come from classrooms and communities across the nation. I am committed to supporting the great work that is happening in states and districts."
-Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education
U.S. Department of Education


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