Changing Minds As Ed. Reform

One of the things I most admire about High School Principal /Twitterer Eric Sheninger is that he wasn't always as open or as tech savvy as we now know him to be. He is proof positive that Educators/Administrators can, indeed, change. Once upon a time, he supported blocking sites that could be useful in the classroom. Until he was educated about the benefits that could be had there.

It almost seems crazy. He's a very regular Twitterer and Blogger and has a healthy Social Media presence. Every one of his tweets and blog posts have value (either philosophical or practical). He appears to be the icon of 21st Century Ed. Tech Leadership? Yet only 3 years ago he wasn't-and he admits this.

That is the fact that matters. He admits that he changed. He admits that he once held a worldview that potentially limited resources that could better student's education and lives. But he listened. He learned. He changed. And the best part is that now he's right out front singing the praises of instructional technology and tools that can assist, ignite and enhance the learning process.

His story, because it is real, is that one that we can tell our local administrators. His story can change minds one at a time. When minds get changed, the web opens up and our schools can enter the 21st Century.

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